Monday, September 14, 2009

How do I keep up?

It is funny that I am taking the tech course when I am stuck in the prehistoric ages in my classroom. It is the sixth week of school and I am still without a computer. To make things even more frustrating I am getting frowned upon due to my lack of technology. My school participates in online daily attendance. I have no computer therefore I cannot take my attendance online. It is not my fault, I cannot help it and yet it is an expectation that is being put on me. Each day my principal expects us to check our email at least once during the day, I can't. I can check the email before I leave for work in the morning, but information is not updated yet. Not only am I unable to take attendance, I am unable to print out IEP forms, fun worksheets, or parent letters. It has been a very frustrating start to what appears to be a very long year.
When looking for new technology to introduce into my room, I looked for items that did not involve a computer. It was a difficult search, but I think I found a fun new device. Now all I have to do it attempt to get the district to buy it for me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

First Night of Class

It is Friday night and where am I? I am in class. It is the first night of my tech class and here I am creating my own blog. The class sounds very interesting so far. It is too bad that I have no technology in my classroom to use all of the fun things that I am going to learn about. What a class with no technology? I know it sounds wrong, but my classroom does not even have a phone jack for me to attempt to access the internet. Either way I will be spending the next few months learning new computer programs, and cool tools that I will get to use in future classrooms.