Friday, September 4, 2009

First Night of Class

It is Friday night and where am I? I am in class. It is the first night of my tech class and here I am creating my own blog. The class sounds very interesting so far. It is too bad that I have no technology in my classroom to use all of the fun things that I am going to learn about. What a class with no technology? I know it sounds wrong, but my classroom does not even have a phone jack for me to attempt to access the internet. Either way I will be spending the next few months learning new computer programs, and cool tools that I will get to use in future classrooms.

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  1. After a day of working a class of behavior and the social quirks of autism its great to have those great looking dogs to come home to. Do you find some of those quirks rub off on you? my husband tells me that all the time. where are you working? what district? i am with MCOE and have taught Autism for 8 years. i loved it! but needed a little change, so now my focus is just the behaviors of many different disabilities. but i will return to teaching autism one day.