Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The semester is coming to a close...

It is amazing how fast this semester has gone. We are 72 days into the school year. I feel as if I am making some great progress with my little guys this school year. I am so excited about the implementation of my tech project. The kids are really enjoying the reading rods. One of my kids asks to play with them when it is his limited choice time. He likes to build words and then draw his own pictures to match the words. It is great to see him so excited. Thankfully it is more than just one student that seems to be enjoying himself.
Although I have not had access to fun tech tools, the kids are learning how to live without a computer in the class and they are happy.


  1. Yay!!! We are almost done!!!! Can't wait! I will see you next semester. Good luck and have a great vacation.

  2. I found your project to be very intersting and applicable to lerning for your students. i was very impressed with your out of hte box thinking with selecting hte reading mentor. You had many challenges to overcome and overcame them all. Your teaching, students lerning and staff's proffesional develoment are all the better for your efforts.