Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not to proud to beg...

I have survived the first quarter of the year, yeah. 44 days down. That would be 44 days without a computer, boooo. I am pretty sure that my district is not going to improve the lack of technology for my students so I have turned to begging. This past week I created two projects on I am hoping that maybe someone will reach out and donate some items to my room. It looks as if they have a lot of success, so maybe my little guys will get lucky and we will get picked. I wish that I could create a whole bunch of projects, but you have to earn points to post, the only way to earn points is to get projects sponsored. I am crossing my fingers....


  1. sounds cool. i got to check out that website and share it with fellow teachers. My cousin just used his Facebook to lobby for donation for a new teacher, teaching autism and in need of supplies and manipulatives. He got a pretty good turn out. some even sent money! it is surprising what one can get, you only need to ask. it's just one way to use technology to ask so many a one time and get such a quick response! that is great! good luck with your project! i'll bet you get it!

  2. You do anything you can! Good job!